Grow fresh shungiku in your indoor garden!

Also known as crown daisy, shungiku is a staple leafy green in many Asian cuisines. The key ingredient for many stir fries, stews, casseroles and hotpots, this chrysanthemum green is easy to grow in your Click & Grow smart garden. Shungiku should be very lightly cooked so that they retain their crunchy texture and flavour. Add to dishes last for maximum flavour!

Click & Grow shungiku benefits:

  • This leafy green is a great source of vitamins and antioxidants
  • Fresh and clean, no GMO’s, no herbicides or pesticides. Premium fresh greens!
  • The smart garden will do all the work for you. Just harvest and enjoy!
  • Garden-to-plate experience right in your own kitchen!

Petunia x hybrida multiflora

Chrysanthemum coronarium

Edible plant.

Sprouts in: 1 – 2 weeks

Lasts up to: 8 weeks

Grows best at: 64 °F86 °F

  • Shungiku is an edible green that tolerates growing even in hot and humid environments
  • You may start harvesting outer single leaves approximately 30 days after planting or harvest the whole pod in one go- it is up to you.
  • It has the best taste and the highest nutritional value up to 60 days of age, it also the latest to harvest the whole pod then.
  • If your Shungiku bolts it does not produce more leaves. You can, however, use these edible yellow flowers to garnish your dishes or brew a soothing tea.



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