Moss Rose Plant Pods


Grow beautiful Moss Rose at home!

Also called portulaca, the moss rose is known for its colorful flowers and shocking promptness. The flowers with their multiple colors have even be said to resemble fireworks! Like clockwork, moss rose reaches full bloom at the same time each day.

Click & Grow Moss Rose benefits:

  • Grow one of the most beautiful flowers in the world with zero effort
  • The Moss Rose will be a colorful additon to your home decor
  • Easy to grow in your Click & Grow indoor garden
  • Fresh aromatic flowers all-year-round

Portulaca grandiflora

Edible plant.

Sprouts in: 1 – 2 weeks

Lasts up to: 12 weeks

Grows best at: 64 °F75 °F

  • The first flowers of Moss Rose appear approximately five weeks after planting.
  • Moss Rose appreciates sunlight and warmth.
  • It requires very little care, only to remove dead flower petals to enhance further flowering.
  • Depending on how it is cared for, the plant pod could last up to twelve weeks.


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