Calming Tea Mix 9-pack


Grow Calming Tea Leaves in your indoor herb garden!

This fresh tea herb mix allows you to grow tea herbs in your Click & Grow indoor garden with ease.
Contains the following:

3 x Peppermint plant pods
3 x Lemon Balm pods
3 x Holy Basil plant pods

How to use: 

Insert plant pods into your smart garden and watch your greens grow. Harvest in approx. 30 – 40 days and season meat dishes, add to salads, smoothies and stews.

Click & Grow indoor gardening benefits:

  • Enjoy clean healthy food – No herbicides, pesticides or other toxins in Click & Grow products
  • Easiest to use smart indoor gardens, just add plant pods and the garden does all the work
  • You’ll get a garden-to-plate experience from your own kitchen
  • Simplest way to add vitamins to your everyday meals


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