Black Pansy Plant Pods


Grow Pansies in your indoor garden!

Did you know the name ‘pansy’ is derived from the French word ‘pensée’, meaning ‘thought’? It’s no wonder we keep thinking of these gorgeous flowers. They have been a source of inspiration for many artists over the years, including Georgia O’Keeffe who produced a stunning painting of a Black Pansy in 1926. Grow Black Pansies in your Smart Garden and bring some artistic vibes to your living space!

Click & Grow Black Pansy benefits:

  • One of the most majestic and eye-catching flowers
  • Visually stunning
  • Extremely easy to grow with a Click & Grow Smart Garden
  • A great choice for people who are not afraid to stand out, to test new things

Viola cornuta

Edible plant.

Sprouts in: 1 – 2 weeks

Lasts up to: 12 weeks

Grows best at: 65 °F79 °F

  • Expect to see first flowers approximately five weeks after planting.
  • Use the little black flowers to garnish your dishes.
  • Black Pansy generally requires very little care – just remove withered flowers to promote the growth of new ones.
  • Black Pansy is a semi heat sensitive plant. Germination and growth may be inhibited if the average temperature reaches 30°C (86°F).


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